The Order of Selohaar

Gules, three triquetras argent

Office of the Grand Master

Sable, three triquestras argent

The Selohaar Fechtschule

Gules, between two triquetras argent, a sword
argent on a bend sable incised argent

Old Dominion Fechtschule

Gules, a falcon jessed or grasping
a scale argent, a triquetra argent, on a bend
sable incised argent, a sword argent

Laurel City Historical Fencing

Per bend, or and gules,a laurel branch
vert, a triquetra argent, on a bend sable
incised argent, a sword argent

Ritterkunst Fechtschule

Gules , in a flame or, a salamander
azure bearing 17 stars, a triquetra argent,
on a bend sable incised argent, a sword argent

Historic Recrudescence Guild

Per bend, azure and gules , a mullet or,
a triquetra argent, on a bend sable incised
argent, a sword argent

St. John's Fechtschule

Per bend, azure and gules , a phoenix or,
a triquetra argent, on a bend sable incised
argent, a sword argent

Sir Christian Henry Tobler
Grand Master

Quarterly, 1 & 4: sable, three Triquetras
argent, 2 & 3: gules, a lion rampant argent

Sir Carl Johnson
Master Knight, Lord Constable

Murrey, a dragon passant or

Sir Keith Johnson
Knight of the Grail, Emeritus

Vert, a Grail Chalice argent

Sir Mark Keller
Knight of Selohaar

Quarterly, 1 & 4: or, three martlets sable,
2 & 3: murrey, in saltire points up with
a battleaxe argent, a falchion argent

Lady Maureen Chalmers
Councilor, Lady of the Grail

Ermine, a dexter hand
couped at the wrist gules

Dr. Sir John Coates
Master Knight, Court Physician

Murrey, a serpent or, entwined about an
orbed and crossed staff argent

Lady Paula Keller
Neophyte, Chatelaine

Murrey, a bear and two cubs sable,
on a maple leaf with a bordure, both or

Lady Bonnie Kraft
Neophyte, Treasurer

Azure, a bend or, a sword bendwise
sinister argent

Lord Blair Tobler

Bleu-celeste, in base a path tenne through
mountains vert, an ale chalice or,
in chief a cloud proper irradiated or

Sir Robert Kelly
Champion Knight, Guard Captain

Or, a bear rampant sable,
on a chief azure, three
celtic crosses or

Lord Christopher Valli
Neophyte, Squire

Gules, a boar passant or,
on a chief sable, a sword argent

Lady Elizabeth Valli
Neophyte, Chronicler

Vert, between two geese proper in chief
and a harp or in base, a chevron argent


Sir Kirk Stinson
Knight of Selohaar

Azure, a swan rising with wings
displayed argent, on a fess or,
three mullets of eight points azure

Lord Matthew Zordan
Neophyte, Squire

Argent, an oak tree proper, on a base
azure, a wolf's head erased argent

Lady Stacy Goodspeed

Sable,three salmon argent, on a
chevron argent a sun in splendor or


Lord John Whittemore

Azuere, a griffin rampant argent,
a chief embattled ermine


Lady Sarah Zordan
Adept, Prima Acolyte

Quarterly, 1&4: purpure, a cinquefoil or,
2&3: or, a fleur-de-lys purpure

Lord Brian Hook
Free Brother

Sable, two swords crossed argent

Lord Michael Ahrens
Free Brother

Per chevron azure and vert, between two
crescents a sun, all or, a unicorn rampant argent

Lady Veronica Kelly
Neophyte, Treasurer

Azure, an owl displayed
in chief three etoiles of the same

Lord Janusz Michael Saba
Neophyte, Squire, Quartermaster

Chequy of argent and azure, a pale
gules, overall a stag at gaze or

Lady Jessica Tanner
Free Sister

Argent, a bordure azure,
a celtic tree of life vert

Lord Scott Goodspeed
Free Brother

Per saltire purpure and sable, a saltire
argent, an eagle displayed sable, four
dragonspassant purpure

Lord Christopher Torres
Free Brother

Argent, above a stag's head
cabossed proper, a chalice or, on a
chief sable, three roses proper

Lord Michael Depaola
Neophyte, Squire

Or, three serpents knowed
vert, a chevron gules

Lady Justine Lore

Vert, three turtle doves proper, a
bend nebuly counter nebuly argent

Lord Todd Sullivan
Free Brother

Argent, a crow sable clutching a
poleaxe proper, in chief sinister three
droplets azure, a bordure embattled vert

Lord Kyle McCurdy
Free Brother

Argent, a bantam rampant gules,
on a chief sable, a bridge argent


Lord Bryan Wood
Free Brother

Argent,a peacock
rampant proper

Lady Stephanie Jagielow
Free Sister

Cendrée, an elk proper, three
juniper sprigs proper, on a bend
gules, three fleur-de-lys or

Lord Daniel Slamons
Free Brother

Bleu Celeste, on an eagle
displayed argent, a fleur-de-lys or

Lord Eric Cotner
Free Brother

Per bend, gules and azure,
a Thor's hammer argnt,
a garb or


Last updated on March 25, 2018