It is customary for a magician, during formal ceremonies, to don an amulet or talisman upon which is inscribed some symbol significant to such endeavors. The amulet is worn to act as protection against potentially harmful forces unleashed during a ritual, to aid in invoking an entity, and to represent unity of purpose among the participants in a ceremony.

The possessor of an amulet will most likely wish to consecrate it and formally dedicate it to the realm of the Radiant Vortex by means of a ceremony. The researcher of occult literature will find many methods of consecrating ritual devices, each claiming to the be the solely proper and effective one; but the following procedure has been uniquely composed for the Order of Selohaar. Note that this ceremony is similar in format to the Sword Consecration Ceremony, in that both are elemental based workings.

Equipment: Dagger or sword, bell, chalice with elixir, a silver candle (or black candle set in a silver holder), a small flame pot, burning fluid, incense, a vial of earth, a small bowl of water, and appropriate theme music is desired.

Preparation: Perform this ceremony out of doors, if possible, on a night when the moon is full. Carry the amulet on your person for an entire day before the ceremony is to conducted. Select an isolated site and set the items in their proper places in a circle: the flame pot at the center of the circle, the candle at the southern point, the incense at the eastern point, the bowl of water at the northern point, and the vial of earth at the western point. Set the dagger, bell, and chalice on the ground or floor within reach at the center. Place the amulet beside the flame pot. Light the candle and incense. Begin theme music if any is being used. If an assistant is employed, he or she may strike a gong where an asterisk (*) appears.


1 Toll the bell nine times.

2 Take up the dagger and, pointing towards the moon, speak the invocation to Verena, followed by "Telvonu, Waernar! (Come forth, Verena)."*

3 Drink from the chalice.

4 Invoke the elements in the standard fashion (see "General Outline for a Selohaar Magickal Circle").

5 Pick up the amulet and bring it to the southern point. Pass it thrice through the candle flame, speaking: "Hearken, Amemon. I consecrate this amulet in your name, so that whenever I bear it, the searing might of Fire shall embrace me."*

6 Move to the eastern point and pass the amulet thrice through the incense smoke while speaking: "Hearken, Oriens. I consecrate this amulet in your name, so that whenever I bear it, the exultant winds of Air shall embrace me."*

7 At the northern point dip the amulet into the bowl of water and speak: "Hearken, Eltzen. I consecrate this amulet in your name, so that whenever I bear it, the sustenance of Water shall embrace me."*

8 Empty the vial of earth upon the ground or floor at the western point, then lay the amulet upon the soil and speak: "Hearken, Boul. I consecrate this amulet in your name, so that whenever I bear it, the enduring strength of Earth shall embrace me."*

9 Ignite the flame pot. Now don the amulet and point the dagger to the rising flames. Conjure the chief entity represented on the amulet, speaking: "(Entity name)! Hearken to the sound of your name, conveyed upon the raging currents of the Radiant Vortex to the place where you dwell. I have consecrated this, your symbol, with Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, and I charge you now to infuse it with your own presence, that your power may always reside in it and aid me in times of need. So are you conjured!"*

10 Lower the dagger and clasp the amulet in your hand. Feel the pulse of your fingers against it; feel as it takes on the warmth of your hand. As you gaze into the flame pot fire, summon the energies of your own mind. Envision the design set upon the amulet. Contemplate its significance until the flames begin to die down. Open your hand and look upon the amulet. If the infusion has been of sufficient force, it will now radiate a very subtle glow of aura light which may be discerned in the darkness of the ritual area.

11 Lift your eyes to gaze at the moon. Express your reverence for the forces which have aided you, either silently or aloud. Toll the bell nine times to finalize the rite.

12 Point the dagger at the moon and speak the following: "I license you to depart from this place. Forget not the bond forged here on this night and let your power dwell within this amulet. Ni Zirad Kolvaur! (Hail, ye Goddess of the Twilight!)"*