Blessings be upon you, Oh Noblemen [and Noblewomen] of Selohaar,
By our great Lord Vorthr, our gracious Lady Verena, and their sovereign child Volnar  [may omit line for discretion in public events]

That you may fight with honor and safety
In this tournament of arms,
To test and increase your skills and strength,
And for the enjoyment of all assembled.
May the Strategist, Mystic and Philosopher
the three great Archetypes of our Order be manifest in you,
That each of you may find physical, mental and spiritual excellence
In this endeavor.

By the four elements may you be blessed,
That you might have
The dynamic vitality of Fire,
The quickness and ready insight symbolized by Air,
The Oceanís fluidity and grace of movement,
And the solid strength of the Earth.

For good of all
And harm of none,
By thy wills;
So be it done.