Must have the Courage to do what is right even at peril of his own life.

Has Faith in the values of truth, honour, and nobility, and refuses to acquiesce to the delusions and hypocrisy of others.

Embraces the Franchise of knighthood through self-realization and by bearing himself in a manner befitting a knight at all times.

Views his deeds with Humility, deferring always the greater glory to his comrades and entrusting his own renown to the words of others.

Strives to mete Justice, his heart untainted by personal bias and his sword tempered by mercy.

Bestows Largesse, within his means, through his goods, his time, and his spirit.

Demonstrates Loyalty to his Order, keeping its members and its secrets safe from those without.

Shows Courtesy to all, high and low, whether on or off of the field of honour.

Develops his Prowess through exercise at arms, that he may be a ready weapon in the cause of right and defense of the innocent.