New Invocations of Vorthr, Verena, and Volnar

We call upon thee Vorthr
Brave Lord
Whose vitality resides within the wielded sword
Be with us to manifest our collective strength
And bring action to this circle

We call upon thee Verena
Gentle lady
Whose vitality resides within our Grail
Be with us to manifest our nurturing nature
And bring peace to this circle

We call upon thee Volnar
Wise king
Whose vitality resides within the heavy crown
Be with us to manifest keen judgment
And bring sound counsel to this circle

So shall the governing Three prevail,
Cast in Sword and Crown and Grail!

The Conjuration of Vorthr

Hearken, Lord Vorthr, unto the voice of thy creation. Stir within the seething caverns of the earth and emerge from the swirling chaos of the Radiant Vortex, attended by thy queen, Verena, goddess of the perpetual twilight.

The Conjuration of Verena

(Bathed in the moon’s pale glow,) I call upon thee, Verena, mother of our race, whose beauty is the dark night, whose caress is the evening breeze. I call upon thee and upon thy power, that I may partake of thy splendor; for I am thy vessel, and in me, thou art reborn.

The Invocation of Colalmaer


Umarre shelan os Boul,
Delos taer os kraan.
Griok drelaharr vurrae,
Euth trom-ak soath.
Ni-Zorad kraan!


We invoke the blessing of Boul,
Whose realm is the waters.
Let the dragon of the sea now arise,
And grace us with his presence.