The Free Brethren Initiatory Rite

This short, simple ceremony is performed to accept a new member of the Order. The new member’s affiliation with the Order is symbolized by their ‘taking the Grail’. The new member is also sworn in with the Oath of Selohaar.

Participants: The Initiate, the Celebrant (2nd degree or higher), and an illuminator.

Implements: The Sword of Power, the Grail Chalice, a candle for the illuminator.


1  The Celebrant summons the Initiate, holding the sword upside-down with his fingers partly open. The Initiate clasps his hand about the sword’s hilt, also entwining his fingers with the Celebrant’s. The Celebrant now speaks: "The Selohaar Council has deemed you worthy of membership in this noble company. Will you accept our offer?".

2  If the Initiate answers affirmatively, he is administered the Oath of Selohaar by the Celebrant, aided by the Illuminator.

3  The Initiate is proffered the Grail Chalice with the words, "Drink then, and join with us". The rite is concluded with a cheer of "Huzzah" from the entire assemblage for the new member.