The Neophyte (I°) Initiatory Rite

In this rite, two poleaxe or spear-wielding guardians bar the way to the 1st degree of attainment until the Initiate provides a satisfactory answer to the Celebrant’s queries. The attainment of this grade is connected with a deep commitment to the Order and a willingness to learn more of its disciplines.

Participants: The Initiate, the Celebrant (2nd degree or higher), two Guardians of the Path, and a Lector.

Implements: Two poleaxes or spears, two torches (or candles, if indoors), a stick of burning incense, anointing fluid.


1  The Celebrant stands away from and facing the Initiate, in between the two torches, with the Guardians on either side of the path between himself and the Initiate. The Lector anoints the forehead of the Initiate with the fluid.

2  The Celebrant beckons, saying "Approach, you who would attain the 1st degree". With that, the Initiate makes his way down the path.

3  Before he can reach the Celebrant however, the Guardians bar the Initiate’s way by lowering and crossing their weapons.

4  The Celebrant challenges the Initiate, asking the questions "Have you found your place among us?" and "How will you serve our crusade?" If these are answered to the Celebrant’s satisfaction, he opens the crossed weapons with his projective hand, saying "Then come forward and accept initiation."

5  The Initiate steps before the Celebrant, who now traces a circle about the Initiate’s face with the incense stick. The Celebrant then places his projective hand upon the brow of the Initiate and concentrates, infusing some of the essence of his own attainment into the new Neophyte. He then closes the rite by saying to the Initiate, "Go now as a Neophyte of Selohaar. May your works bring growth to our Order and to yourself."