The Adept or Knight of Selohaar (II°) Initiatory Rite

The Initiate must face three trials which test his knowledge of Selohaar philosophy and lore. This is appropriate to the grades of Adept or Knight of Selohaar, as this degree requires a working knowledge of our disciplines; and there is no better summary of Selohaar philosophy than the archetypal symbolism contained in the triquetra.

The ritual is set up outdoors in the shape of a triquetra. Three members assume the archetypal roles of Philosopher, Strategist, and Mystic, taking up positions corresponding to the points on the triquetra, the top-most of which is facing north. A Guide is to lead the Initiate to each point, where he is questioned by its resident archetype.

At the top point stands the Philosopher, who bears the Crown of Carcosa; at the lower left point is the Mystic, bearing the Chalice of the Selohaar Grail; and at the lower right is the Strategist, bearing Aredayne, the Sword of Power. Each of the archetype players is standing beside a torch or a candle. If candles are used, a red candle is used for the crown, a silver candle for the sword, and a black one for the grail. Lastly, a small altar is placed in the center of the ‘triquetra’. It holds a flame-pot and some burning incense.

Participants: The Initiate, the Guide (2nd degree or higher), and three Archetype players (2nd degree or higher).

Implements: The Sword of Power, the Crown of Carcosa, the Chalice of the Grail, three torches or candles, an altar, a flame-pot, incense and burner.


1  The Initiate approaches the ritual area, led by the Guide, who brings him first to the Mystic. The Mystic speaks these words:

"Behold! I am the Mystic. I am the Selohaar Grail. I am Thought. Peer into the depths of my vision. Speak of me."

The Initiate must now relay his understanding of the Grail to the Mystic. If he answers satisfactorily, he is told to continue on his journey.

2  The Guide now leads the Initiate to the next point on the triquetra, tracing a great arc with his steps about the altar as he does, following the triquetra’s shape. Here the Initiate is confronted by the Strategist, who speaks these words while holding the sword before him:

"Behold! I am the Strategist. I am Aredayne, the Sword of Power. I am the Deed. See my shining blade which both wounds and heals. Speak of me."

The Initiate must answer with his understanding of the sword and then may proceed onward.

3  The Guide once again leads the Initiate in an arc about the altar, arriving finally at the top point, where the Philosopher awaits. He holds the Crown of Carcosa before the Initiate as he speaks:

"Behold! I am the Philosopher. I am the Crown of Carcosa. I am the Word. Look on me and feel the weight of responsibility. Speak of me."

The Initiate answers this final challenge. If he does so correctly, he is told by the Philosopher to complete his journey.

4  The Initiate now proceeds alone to the central altar and stands before the flame-pot. The three archetype players approach the initiate from their respective stations.

The Mystic hands the Grail to the Initiate’s receptive hand, saying:

"Bear the chalice of our vision."

The Strategist puts the sword in the Initiate’s projective hand, saying:

"Wield the sword of power."

Finally, the Philosopher places the crown on the Initiate’s head, saying:

"Wear the crown of authority."

5  The Initiate then announces to all assembled , "I am One in Word, Thought, and Deed!" The initiate is then proffered the Chalice of the Selohaar Grail, which he drinks from.

6  For the Knight of Selohaar Rite only: The Initiate now kneels before the Grand Master, who knights him by touching the sword Aredayne to the his shoulders (left, right, then left) while intoning:

"By the power of the Sword, the Crown, and the Grail, I make you a Knight of Selohaar and grant you the right to bear arms in combat and the power to mete justice. Arise and take your place among us."

7  For the Knight of Selohaar Rite only: The new knight joins with the other knights in the Clash of Steel and in the swearing of the Oath of Knighthood.

8  The Philosopher now pronounces "Go then as an Adept (or Knight) of Selohaar." The archetype players remove the three instruments and the Initiate departs. The Philosopher declares "It is done", and then extinguishes the flame-pot.