The Councilor or Master Knight (III°) Initiatory Rite

In this ceremony, the Initiate must trek alone toward the ritual site, the other participants having gone ahead of him some minutes before. For a knight, the journey alone symbolizes his ability to function as a lone warrior and his personal responsibility for his actions as such. For the Councilor, it represents the sense of isolation that is often experienced by those making difficult decisions as a leader.

The symbolic tie to the third degree which the Initiate is about to attain is accomplished in the purification by the four elements, which he must undergo before receiving the degree. The elements also represent mastery of the external world, the initiate having mastered his own internal world (represented by the Triquetra and its associations in the 2nd Degree Rite) as an Adept or Knight of Selohaar. This rite also contains the symbolic challenge, common in Selohaar initiatory magick, this time being issued by a lone knight who intercepts the Initiate before he can complete his journey.

This ceremony should ideally be performed at the edge of a body of water. If this is impractical, the invocation to Colalmaer may be deleted.

Participants: The Initiate, the Grand Master of the Order, a Lector (3rd Degree or higher), and an assistant.

Implements: The Sword, Crown, and Grail, a torch, a candle, a bowl of soil or salt, a bowl of water, incense, anointing fluid, elixir for the chalice, and refreshments for the rite’s conclusion.


1  The Initiate sets out upon the Path of Renewal, abandoning the grottos of ‘those without’, to enter the Radiant Vortex. He or she treads this path alone, with only moonlight or starlight illuminating the way. Along the way, he must face the spirits of Doubt, Fear, and Indecision, which shall surely be dispatched to deter him.

2  The Lector shall meet him at some point towards the end of his trek. Before the Initiate may proceed any further, he must relay his understanding of the secret of a Selohaar’s strength. Should he speak truly, the Lector then accompanies him for the remainder of the journey; otherwise, the Initiate is sent back the way he came.

3  As the approach of the Initiate and the Lector is heard, a torch is ignited and held aloft by an assistant, who is standing near the Grand Master. When they reach the ritual site, the gong is struck thrice and the Grand Master calls an invocation to Vorthr. This is followed by the summoning of Colalmaer, the Serpent of the Watery Depths.

4  Before the Initiate may approach the Grand Master, he is purified with the four elements by an assistant, who presents them in the order of earth, air, fire, and water. The Initiate presses his fingers against the salt or soil in its bowl, dips his fingers in the water bowl, breathes in some of the incense smoke, and lastly, holds his hands over the candle flame, describing the symbolism of each in turn. The assistant then anoints the Initiate by tracing a triquetra on his brow with some anointing oil.

5  The Lector now presents the Initiate to the Grand Master. The Grand Master addresses the Initiate, telling him to formally state before the congregants his reasons for seeking admission to the Mordann Taun. Upon hearing this, any members of the Mordann Taun present may show approval of the candidate by extending an open left palm, or disapproval by extending a closed right fist.

6  The Initiate is now proffered the Chalice of the Selohaar Grail, which he drinks from.

7  The Initiate now kneels before the Grand Master, who lays the sword Aredayne upon the initiate's shoulder while intoning:

"We accept you as a Councilor (or Master Knight). May Lord Vorthr, Lady Verena, and Prince Volnar grant you the virtues of strength and mercy as you join us in leading our noble Order. Rise and stand with us!"

8  The initiate’s attainment is now celebrated among the congregants with the sharing of refreshments.