The term Selohaar Gleph, or "Mind of the Knight", refers to a heightened state of consciousness which a Selohaar knight is trained to develop. It may be engendered spontaneously with the provocation of certain external stimuli, or produced intentionally by the knight. It is, because of it’s very nature, difficult to define, just as the perception of color to someone who had never experienced it.

To understand Selohaar Gleph, one must first realize that its attainment is not an inborn ability (although it does draw upon some normally inaccessible mental resources). Rather, it is created from a set of acquired associations which serve to enhance one’s self image. He who would achieve Selohaar Gleph must focus upon these associations and meld them together to form a central image, a new and inspired vision of himself.

This new vision enables a knight to experience what we call ‘Gleph ar-e-on nurgath’, a sense of personal solidarity wherein one becomes the center of one’s own sphere of awareness, and cannot be distracted from this center by external influence. This is fundamental to Selohaar Gleph.

The initial manifestation of Selohaar Gleph will be a unique mental clarity, mingled with an onrush of thrilling enthusiasm. Magnified sensory (eyesight, hearing, etc.) awareness will then be experienced, as the entire metabolism is accelerated. This acceleration, aided by the transcendence of many self-imposed limitations, will result in superior physical performance such as greater endurance of pain and physical stress, greater speed and quicker reflexes. Experience has demonstrated that this potential for accelerated physical abilities cannot be exaggerated! The individual experiencing this state of mind may also find his extra-sensory abilities to be heightened as well - this can make him more sensitive to any empathic emanations.

The full thrall of Selohaar Gleph will eventually recede; it has been proven to be immensely difficult to maintain the state for longer than half an hour. Yet once it has been experienced, the subject will find that a lasting alteration has been affected within his consciousness.