Preparation: In conjunction with his training regimen, the applicant for Selohaar Guard should have ventured forth on at least one solo excursion. Just prior to the following ceremony, he must go to the edge of a great forest or lake or ocean, and there meditate until he receives a vision which will reveal his truest source of courage and fortitude.

Participants: The Lord Constable, the applicant seeking entry in to the Corps, all other Guards and an assistant. Formal Guard attire is requested for participants, armour optional.

Upon the ground where the ceremony is to take place, the form of a triquetra is traced with salt and ash. A torch and a sword are required. A gong will be sounded as indicated. The Constable stands at the top, or furthest tip of the triquetra outline, the assistant stands nearby and slightly behind him, the other guards assemble within the inner conclave of the triquetra, between the lower points.


As a signal for the applicant to approach the ritual sight, the gong is struck thrice by the assistant. The torch is ignited by the Constable or one of the Corps. When the applicant is roughly ten yards from the triquetra, two guards escort him to the Constable. One of the escorting guards, the closest friend among the guards to the applicant then addresses the Constable:

"My Lord, we petition you to receive our worthy friend and comrade-in-arms, who would take his place with us as a Guard."

Constable: "You who would be one of the Grekka-kol, approach now and stand revealed by the light of truth."

[Applicant moves forward one step]

"What is your name?"

[Applicant speaks his full name]

Constable: "(Applicants name), Realize that, as a Guard, much will be required of you: Your courage, your loyalty, your strength and your vital energy, at times testing the limits of your endurance. Having searched your heart and knowing the duty of a Guard of the Order of Selohaar, are you firm in your resolve to join with us, embracing our traditions and defending our cause?"

[Constable passes the torch to the applicant, who turns to face the other guards and speaks his answer. When finished the assistant relieves him of the torch.]

Constable: "Don the surcoat which reveals you as our brother."

[The assistant hands the applicant his Guard surcoat to put on.]

Constable: "Lastly, receive from us the most precious gift we can offer: Hol-Tarru, the infusion of Warrior Spirit."

All of the participants, including the assistant if he is practised in the ways of a warrior, now form a circle joining hands, consciously willing a flow of psychic energy from themselves into him, which will root itself in his mind and later manifest as ‘Instinct’ and ‘Intuition’. When the Constable senses the infusion has been fully effected, he steps back, the others follow his lead.

The Constable then draws his sword, holding the blade, point earthwards, and gestures the applicant to clasp the hilt.

Constable: "(Applicants name), I charge you with the authority and responsibility of one of the Grekka-kol! Be slow to trust; remain ever vigilant and intrepid. Guard the properties of the Order and protect us from our foes. Maintain our law and security. Tokma-ve! It is completed."