When Sir Carl and I went about on our patrols through the countryside of Scituate, Rhode Island (Salmacis, in our lore) in the summer of 1979, we had little idea that our scrawlings on the nature of mysticism and the ideals of courageous nobility would grow to be the book you now hold before you. Those early oaths, theories, and rites were later collected to form the first edition of this work, then called the Manual of the Guardian Knights of Justice, which appeared late in 1982. After the Order’s reorganization in 1986 under its current name, another version bearing the new name The Book of Selohaar was released to the membership.

This current version, number four, is a larger, much more refined update of that work. It is a very much overdue revision to what has become our organization’s handbook and reference guide. In a way, however, its release is a timely one. If it had been produced a year ago, many of the changes present in this edition would not have made it into the book. The delay allowed several ideas, never before committed to the written word, to make their way into this work. This version is a collection of writings both old and new. Some articles, such as "The Nine Sacred Inborn Rights", go back to 1982 and before. Several chapters are new or updated for this version. The tournament rules, and the degree rites have all been updated to reflect both recent changes and the even more recent streamlining of the Order's system of initiatory degrees. Also new are articles such as "Correct, Useful, and Habitual", an exposition of correlations between the works of 12th c. mystic Hugh of St. Victor and the Selohaar tradition. Several other supplementary rites have also been added. With few exceptions, this version of the book is the work of the members of the Selohaar Council; it is therefore an excellent representation of the doctrine of the Order and should be regarded as the highest authority in any question pertaining to Selohaar philosophy, ritual, and training.

The book is divided into several sections covering different areas of our system of martial and mystical disciplines. ‘Lore and Laws of the Realm’ contains the Order’s charter, its oaths of membership and knighthood, and general information on our mythos, history, and beliefs. ‘The Art of Mystic Chivalry’ contains various treatises on combat and sensory skills used by warriors of Selohaar, as well as tournament rules and specifications. ‘Philosophy and Magickal Theory’ encompasses the mysticism of the Order and its application to magick. Lastly, ‘Magickal Rites of the Order’ and ‘Initiatory Degree Rites’ are compendia of Selohaar ceremonies, including the degree initiations, sword and amulet consecrations, and meditational rites.

Here then, without further ado, is the 2nd online edition, and fourth in total, of "The Book of Selohaar". While this edition is a milestone, it is by no means static; improvements will continue to be made as the months pass. It is my personal hope that this work will inspire you to learn even more about our system of mystic chivalry. May strength, compassion, and noble intent be with you always on your quest.

Sir Christian Henry Tobler
Grand Master of the Order
March, 2007