The Magickal Memory is a source of disembodied knowledge and psychic force which is most likely produced by the emanations of human thought. It has been called various names by many occultists and paranormal investigators throughout history. To the ancients it was the ‘Akasic Records’; it is also somewhat analogous to pioneer psychologist Carl Jung’s ‘collective unconscious’.

Perhaps the simplest explanation of the workings of the Magickal Memory is elaborated by occult author Isaac Bonewits in his book "Real Magic". He calls his version of the Magickal Memory the ‘Switchboard’ because of its ability to connect its various users. According to his theory, all humans contribute thoughts and energy to the Switchboard. These thoughts form unique patterns which are accessible by attuning oneself to the attributes associated with the patterns. Thus if enough individuals believe in a particular god or elemental and have almost the exact same vision of it’s attributes, the entity can actually take on an existence of its own.

Provided that enough like-minded individuals are powering this entity, the combinations of their thoughts will make the entity capable of independent thought and action. This activity is the sum of the individuals’ wills. This Switchboard explains how the entities of contradicting religions all seem to be capable of manifesting. These entities, if they become strong enough, can far outlast the persons who created them, leaving future occultists with a vast supply of gods, demons, and elementals to conjure.

It is with these principles and theories in mind that our own mythos was created. Our fellowship has the power to cast its collective will into the Magickal Memory. This power created the patterns which gave us access to our gods and elemental spirits, implanting them in Magickal Memory, where their existence becomes as reality. Using invocations which are appropriate to each entity, they can be accessed for assistance in magickal endeavors.

Lastly, it should be noted that powerful magicians can leave their own impressions in the Magickal Memory simply through repeated access to it (whether consciously or not). As Man creates his own gods as symbols of his various aspects and nature’s, it is appropriate that the skilled magician raises himself to the status of a conjurable entity, simply through the practices of his art!