Purpose: To psychically charge oneself, thereby enhancing one’s awareness, physical stamina, and magickal capability. This rite is recommended as a preparatory step for any strenuous questing being undertaken.

Participants: This rite is performed alone.

Implements: Amulet bearing the Triquetra or other magickal device, a candle, incense, a chalice with suitable elixir, chosen background music, if desired.


1  Select an appropriate indoor or outdoor location. Seat yourself in whatever fashion is most comfortable on the floor or ground. Set the candle and incense before you, lighting each. Don the amulet and begin the theme music.

2  Allow your mind to drift for a few minutes as you relax your body. Then, speak the following:

"Hearken powers of the Light and the Dark, openers of the Way. Come forth from the shapeless void; reveal to me the gates of the Radiant Vortex."

3  Drink from the chalice.

4  With your eyes fixed on the candle flame, begin repeating the following mantra in a slow, measured voice:

"Griok eya gleph forga na necorru os Hurla"
(Let my mind join with the power of the Vortex)

5  As the droning quality of the mantra lulls your consciousness into a hypnotic state, allow your eyes to shut slowly. Envision yourself as being surrounded by the swirling brilliance of the Radiant Vortex. Sense your intimate connection with all that your life has touched or will touch as your awareness soars.

6  At this point, you are deep within the thrall of Selohaar Gleph. Power courses through your very being: the power to see what others are blind to; the power to go where others dare not tread. Here you have power to be what you wish to be and cause change within and without in conformity with your will.

7  When the effect off this state of consciousness begins to fade, slowly allow yourself to become aware once more of the external world surrounding you. Open your eyes to the candle flame and announce:

"Gleph ar-e-on nurgath!"
(My mind is all of existence!)

8  Extinguish the candle and proceed on to whatever activity you have prepared for. If you are a warrior, an energetic kata may increase your enthusiasm even further.