The Carcosan Mythos is the magical lore of the Order of Selohaar, used in its rituals. A home-grown mythology, it draws from various influences, notably the Arthurian cycles. The stories, now in the process of being "re-imagined", center around three archetypal figures, each steeped in the symbolism of our order. They are:

Vorthr, representing the archetype of the Strategist, signified in our regalia by the Sword, is a tall, pale skinned, fair-haired stranger from the North. He is a great warrior and is revered as such throughout his native lands. Leaving his homeland in search of adventure and fortune he traveled south. He struggles to prove himself in this new place but valor and might alone may not be enough to earn the nobility that he seeks.

Verena, representing the archetype of the Mystic, signified in our regalia by the Grail, is immediately taken with the warrior from the North. She knows that her fate is entwined with his. However, societal issues prevent them from being together at first. She must overcome these obstacles if she is to follow the path that she would choose for herself. Verena is able use her creativity and mysticism to fulfill her destiny.

Volnar, representing the archetype of the Philosopher, signified in our regalia by the Crown, is the son of Vorthr and Verena. He ultimately inherits their kingdom and seeks to build an empire. Having a portion of his father’s martial prowess and his mother’s mystical insight, Volnar is uniquely equipped to achieve this goal. Unfortunately his reign is beset by opportunists and their court intrigues. His vision of a new Golden Age may not come to pass.

With the passage of the months to come, this page - this story - will fill out as the detail emerge...

Last updated on June 4, 2008