By the mighty spirits of earth, water, air, and fire, I do declare before this assemblage my fealty and allegiance to the Order of Selohaar and to the Law of the Realm.

So shall I ever defend the ancient values of truth, nobility, justice, and honor, which in these barren times are all but extinguished. Let such values be emblazoned upon my very soul, and be made to manifest through my words and deeds.

Thus I am resolved!

New version:

I vow to bear myself as a true knight, courteous to all, loyal to my Order, and courageous in defense and in meting justice. I swear to keep faith with our ancient values and to hone my skill at arms, humbly serving the greater good, generous with all I have to give.

I therefore dedicate myself as a Knight of Selohaar, a guardian of the sacred inborn rights, and a defender of the realm. Thus I am resolved!


Original version:

Standing proud and free, revealed by the radiance of inner truth, exultant in my fury, I raise up my voice and proclaim myself to be a Knight of Selohaar, and so dedicate myself to the protection of the innocent and the restoration of honor and nobility. I cry this unto the world; I shout this unto the dimness of the farthest star!

And so I vow to go forth upon these lands, to stop the way of the vile and malicious, the purveyors of chaos and corruption who oppose the sacred rights of man, to execute the judgement of my wrath, and to defend the precepts of justice with all of my strength and with my every ability.

In this purpose I am resolved!