Herein are phrases translated into English from the Salmacian tongue, the language used in battle and ceremony by the Order of Selohaar.

ak - us

aka - our

aki - below

al - one

Aredayne - ‘The Magick Which Resides in Steel’; taken from an ancient tenet of alchemy which held that when iron is transformed into steel, it becomes imbued with a living spirit. This is also the name of the Sword of Selohaar, the blade of the Grand Master.

bata - above

beya - leg

Colalmaer - The great beast of the waters whose appearance presages significant change and corrects imbalances. Colalmaer was revered by the Oans (see "The Carcosan Mythos").

davos - cavern

delos - whose

dok - to be

dolnar - sword

Dolnar Gol - Selohaar art of swordsmanship.

drelaharr - sea serpent, dragon.

elan - from

etan - foe, adversary

euth - and

Eyh - I

eyish - life

forga - join

gaal - right (direction)

gev - six

"Gleph areon nurgath" - "My mind is all of existence". Philosophy of individual solidarity, from which stems our most profound truth.

Gorloth - (Carcosan Mythos) Chief of the tribe of Kolrath before the accension of Vorthr.

gos - evil

Grekka-kol - the Guard Corps.

"Griok Shelan os Waurthra Kor enu" - "May the blessing of Lord Vorthr be upon thee".

Grunkrae - A winged serpent. The symbol of the Oans.

"Halvaar, eya shalor" - "Hearken, my bretheren."

hauv - ahead

hol-tarru - The psychic infusion of Selohaar Gleph (‘the mind of the protector’), bestowed ceremonially from teacher to student.

holnaarth - ‘Icy Fire’. A term indicating a paradox, or one whose temperament is unpredictable or mysterious.

isha - air

kalva - creation, beginning.

kael - earth

kan - head

Kathor - Sir Keith’s Salmacian name; ‘Vigilant One’.

kaush - attack

Kiya-he - a sociable greeting.

ko - zero, nothing

kra'an - water

Kreyshalor - 'people of the cup'; Grailfolk.

lan - defend

lir - woman

lor - man

los - in

Kortasha - Giant bird of just retribution, befriended by Vorthr during his wanderings.

Malgron, Festris - (Carcosan Mythos) renegade High Priest of Kolrath who betrayed Vorthr.

Malgron, Wenas - (Carcosan Mythos) father of Festris, High Priest of Kolrath during Vorthr’s childhood.

Malgronik - ‘The Way of Malgron’. That which opposes noble thought and deed.

Malgronor - one who followed Malgron in his rebellion or one who treads the path of Malgronik.

marre - invoke

me - three

Mennatoc - Oan mage and leige priest to Vorthr.

mican - greetings or ‘I salute you’.

mirta - mother

Mordann Taun - ‘Circle of Steel’. The Outer Council of Selohaar, consisting of all fourth and fifth degree members and the Grand Master.

na - with

naar - hot

Nare Gol - term for nighttime stealth and concealment skills.

nas - five

necorru - psychic force or magick

Necorru Gol - term for Selohaar magickal disciplines

"Ni Zirad Kolvar" - "Hail, ye Goddess of the Twilight".

"Ni Zorad Kael" - "Hail, ye God within the Earth".

nortog - hostile outsider, intruder, or infidel

nosta - body

nu - eight

Oans - (Carcosan Mythos) An order of alchemists and mystic adepts led by Vorthr in ancient days. They were dedicated to the preservation of arcane wisdom and the proliferation of ‘science’, as it was in that distant time.

plek-na - chaos

pol - nine

pon - behind

ra - two

Raamok Gol - Selohaar term for combat disciplines.

"Renvarr Etan" - roughly, "Let me not fall before my enemy falls"; a battle cry of Vorthr’s tribe and the battle cry of the Order of Selohaar.

reta - arm

selohaar - warrior or protector

Selohaar Gleph - ‘Mind of the Protector’; a heightened state of awareness attained by Selohaar through mystical practice, which provides superior mental and physical abilities.

Selohaar Gol - ‘The Way of the Protector’; the sum total of all knowledge and disciplines of the Order of Selohaar.

Shalor Na’al - ‘The Bretheren Within’; the Master Council of Selohaar, composed of all fifth degree members and the Grand Master.

Shentarr - ‘justified wrath’

siuta - rage or hatred

soath - presence

sog - out

sorga - dead

sorgan - death

ta - area, place

taer - realm, land

targna - passion

t’vaal - voyage or quest

T’yornok - ‘Red Tidings’; a phrase implying violent consequences; also, a sword wielded by a knight of the Order’s ‘Wicintle Period’, Sir Guy, the Dragon.

tulvaya - love

tevoran - apprentice or squire

tela - move

telvonu - come forth

Tokma-ve - "it is done".

Torveshal - ‘The Cold One’; Sir Christian’s Salmacian name, also an apellation used for Vorthr by his companions.

trom - bestow

u - we

uthralna - renewal or change

valnahaar - respected one or trusted friend.

vaute - voice, spoken word

vi - she

vo - he

Vodel - ‘Seeker of Light within the Darkness’; Sir Carl’s Salmacian name; also a term for a priest or healer.

vosa - father

vurrae - arise

Waernar - (Carcosan Mythos) archaic pronunciation of Verena, Vorthr’s wife and later, the Goddess of the Perpetual Twilight.

Walnaur Wol-Tikkan - ‘Volnar, Son of the Conqueror’, son of Vorthr and Verena, architect of the mystical city of Carcosa.

waltorg - beware

Waulkra - (Carcosan Mythos) archaic form of Vulkor, the giant bird of just retribution.

wen - four

Zarkanor - entity which feeds off the vital force within living things.

zel - seven

Zinkon Hurla - the Radiant Vortex, the portal to the astral plane.

zir - goddess

zor - god

Zuldra - (Carcosan Mythos) the island home of the Oans.