Although the obvious significance of the sword carried by Selohaar members is to represent an affinity for the ‘magick and nobility of a forgotten age’, it is far more than just an ornament displayed at social events and utilized in ceremonies. It is the personal weapon of a knight, a symbol of his mastery over himself and of his aggressive stance against injustice.

This is not to say that every member of the Order must become a master swordsman or even own a sword, but for those who do possess them, the sword is regarded as a sacred implement, a part of one’s very being. If its owner is of a magickal bent, he or she may wish to cleanse and personalize it with a formal dedication. The truly proper method of consecrating a sword is to slay an enemy with it; but, as this is often impractical, a ceremony has been devised for this purpose.

Equipment: A length of black cloth to wrap around the sword prior to performance, appropriate theme music if desired, one black, silver, or red candle, incense, a vial of soil, a needle or pin. It is desirable that the celebrant be in uniform for this ceremony.

Preliminary Procedure: On the night before the working, the celebrant sleeps with the sword by his side, thereby allowing it to thoroughly absorb his own magickal emanations. As the sun sets on the evening of the ceremony, the celebrant cleans and polishes the sword, envisioning as he does the importance of the weapon which he holds in his hands, realizing that at some time it may be utilized in the defense of his very life.


1 The celebrant selects an isolated site by a body of water and sets the ritual items in place, laying the sword near the water’s edge. He then prepares himself with a silent meditation.

2 When he is ready, the celebrant folds back the cloth wrapping and takes up the weapon, slowly passing the blade over the candle flame while speaking: "(sword’s name)! In fire were you forged, made strong and flexible. Through the power of Amemon shall you endure."

3 He now passes the blade through the incense smoke, and swings it over his head in a wide arc while speaking: "(sword’s name)! Slice through the night air and sing out your triumphant song; let the unjust hear your wrath. Through the power of Oriens shall you endure."

4 He then dips the blade’s tip into the water, then raises it up to let the droplets run over the blade, while speaking: "(sword’s name)! Water cooled the fires which formed you and that was the moment of your completion. Through the power of Eltzen shall you endure."

5 The celebrant now rubs some soil from the vial against each side of the blade’s flat while speaking: "(sword’s name)! From the elements of the earth are you composed, and the earth has lent its strength to your creation. Through the power of Boul shall you endure."

6 The celebrant sterilizes the needle in the candle’s flame and draws a bead of blood from one of his fingers. Smearing the drop on the blade, he speaks: "(sword’s name)! I christen you with my living blood to symbolize the trust I place in you, for you are the defender of this blood and this life. Through the blood of Vorthr shall you endure."

7 He now places the sword against his breast and speaks: "Now shall I extend the force of my own soul unto you, my sword, and thereby transform you from lifeless metal into a living weapon." He then makes a resolution, either aloud or in silence, that none who are outsiders shall from this time hence lay a hand upon his weapon, for this would negate some of the special influence with which he has imbued it, and another consecration would be called for to restore the bond’s full power.

8 The celebrant reaches deep within himself and lets his essence flow into the weapon until he can perceive a radiance about the sword. When he feels this fusion of mind and metal to be complete, he thrusts the sword skyward and cries out: "(sword’s name) you are named, oh weapon resplendent, and with your might I shall prevail against all foes! Renvarr Etan!"

9 The celebrant concludes the ceremony by exercising any routine with the sword which he has developed.

Note: This ceremony may be performed with the assistance of a close associate who share and understanding of the warrior disciplines.