This ceremony is performed on a tournament field. It may be performed by itself or in conjunction with the blessing of the field and combatants. If enacted at night, illumination for the gathering should be provided by the light of torches.

The celebrant who directs the litany and pronounces the Credo is clad in armour. He stands facing the assemblage of warriors. Their formation suggests the outline of a triquetra, with the Order’s champion fighter positioned at the foremost point, nearest the celebrant.

The ceremony commences when the celebrant draws his weapon. He holds it in the presentation position (sword arm half extended, blade pointed straight up), for the duration of his pronouncement of the Credo.

An assistant is required to sound a gong after each tenent of the Credo is spoken.

The Conjuration and the Litany

Celebrant: "Hail to thee, Vorthr, Lord of Valor, and hail to thee, Kor-tasha, winged guardian. Attend us now, and extend thy covenant unto this gathering. Ni Zorad Kael!"

[Addressing the Champion] "Champion of our noble Order, what be thy purpose in assembling here?"

[The Champion’s blade now meets the Celebrant’s]

Champion: "Sovereign, we would hear the words that stir a fighting man’s blood, and that warn us against treachery."

Celebrant: "To whom is thy fealty?"

All Warriors: "We are pledged to defend the honor of Selohaar."

Celebrant: "Then hear the words!"

The Credo

"A warrior fights, and so doth a hyena. Both attack, both defend. Yet a warrior can choose to fight with honor. Warriors choose!

[The warriors nod in approval; gong is sounded]

"Seek not to harm, lest ye be harmed, yet be ever vigilant, for thy foe stands behind thee in thy shadow."

[The warriors nod in approval; gong is sounded]

"When facing an enemy, meet his gaze intrepidly and let thine eyes betray no fear."

[The warriors nod in approval; gong is sounded]

"If thou art merciful and honorable, do not suppose thy opponent is like unto thee. Nay, assume thou he is not, else thy blood be the wage of thy ruth."

[The warriors nod in approval; gong is sounded]

"After thou hast vanquished a foe, call him to rise and retreat. If he then attacks without warning, destroy him."

[The warriors nod in approval; gong is sounded]

"Should it be asked of thee, ‘What givest thou the right to mete justice?’ to this answer, ‘Simply, INJUSTICE!’

[The warriors nod in approval; gong is sounded]

After the final sounding of the gong, the participants (including celebrant) break formation, draw their weapons and clash their blades together. The blades are enmeshed for a moment, then as they disengage the celebrant says, "Tokma-ve! It is concluded!"