What We Do

The Order is headquarted in Oxford, Connecticut, where it holds meetings, called gathers, eight times a year, as well as training days and other special events. Gathers are attended by members and guests in garb appropriate for the Age of Chivalry and include seminars, the holding of court, feasting, bardic circles, and magical ritual. In the warmer months, an archery competition and armoured tournament are also held. The Order also holds study evenings and conducts a weekly class on medieval martial arts via its Fechtschule. Additionally, we are involved in various outreach activities, including the attendance of appropriate faires and festivals, educational visits to schools and other organizations, and charitable visits to children's hospitals. Please contact us if you feel we can be of help to you in your charitable efforts.

The Initiatory Structure of the Order

The Order is headed by the Selohaar Council, under the direction of the Grand Master. The initiatory structure of the Order comprises three degrees, the third and highest of which's members sit on the Council. Members holding the 2nd and 3rd degrees of Selohaar are given different titles, depending on whether they are knighted combatants or not. In addition to its three degrees of attainment, new and/or associate members make up the Free Bretheren. At right is the initiatory structure of the Order of Selohaar:

3rd Degree: Councilor or Master Knight
(including the Grand Master and Lord Constable)
2nd Degree: Adept or Knight of Selohaar
1st Degree: Neophyte
Free Brother or Sister

Chapters and Study Groups

The Order's medieval martial arts school, the Selohaar Fechtschule, also includes various chapters and study groups around the United States, with schools in Florida, New York, Kansas, Washington, and Alaska.. These schools take part in the process of research into ancient fighting arts and share Selohaar's commitment to the preservation and propagation of the chivalric virtues. There are now six remote locations:

Old Dominion Fechtschule

Ms. Aine Connelly heads up instruction at the Old Dominion Fechtschule, our fight school chapter in northern Virginia. Aine was a student of Jessica Finley, Christian's senior student, until the latter relocated to Georgia.

Veritas Swordplay Academy

A longtime friend and student of Christian's, Eric Slyter is well known in the Pacific Northwest for his diverse activities in medieval and Renaissance studies. He heads up the Veritas Swordplay Academy - founded originally as an independent school and later a Selohaar Fechtschule chapter - in Moses Lake, Washington.

Lake Ontario Fechtschule

Longtime Western Martial Arts practitioner Todd Sullivan is the lead instructor for the Lake Ontario Fechtschule. This study group sponsored the highly successful Chivalric Weekend event.

Historic Recrudescence Guild

The Historic Recrudescence Guild includes a Selohaar Fechtschule chapter, under the direction of Free Scholar Matthew Cacy, as well as a focus of study in Highland broadsword, with assistance from our friend - instructor Paul Wagner of the Stoccata School of Defence in Australia.

Staten Island German Martial Arts

The newest member of our family, Staten Island German Martial Arts is headed by Michael Ahrens and Christopher Torres, with students from the New York City area.


Last Updated November 3, 2014