Introduction - The Grand Master's Introduction to the 2007 version.


The Articles of Selohaar - The Law of the Realm.
Oaths of Selohaar
The Code of the Knights - The Chivalric Code.
The Sword, the Crown, and the Grail - The Order's Regalia.
The Nine Sacred Inborn Rights - What the Order will defend.
The Secret of the Selohaar Grail - Sir Keith's words.
The Carcosan Mythos - The story of Vorthr, Verena, and Volnar
A Glossary of Salmacian Phrases - The Order's ritual language.


Selohaar Gleph - "Knightly Mind".
Rules for the Tournament of Arms    
Selohaar Archery Tournament Rules


The Triquetra: Philosophy and Magick - The symbolism of the Order's emblem.
The Magick of the Elements - The use of elements in Selohaar magick.
The Magickal Memory - The Nature of Entities.
Ritual Magick: Structure and Design - How the magick works.

Correct, Useful, and Habitual - Selohaar, the Triquetra, and the Mysticism of Hugh of St. Victor


A General Outline for a Selohaar Magickal Circle - Basic elements of Selohaar ritual.
Conjurations of the Carcosan Entities - Some invocations of our ritual deities.
Salmacian Verena Welcome Song
Tournament Blessing of the Fighters
Sword Consecration Ceremony
Amulet Consecration Ceremony
Selohaar Gleph Meditational Rite
Guard Initiation Ceremony
Ceremony of the Warrior's Credo


The Acceptance of the Grail - The Free Brethren Rite
The Barred Path - The Neophyte (I°) Rite
The Formula of the Triquetra - The Adept or Knight of Selohaar (II°) Rite
The Solitary Quest - The Councilor or Master Knight (III°) Rite


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