- February 7, 2017 -

by Lady Catriona Hughes

Reinventing Our Wheel
by Sir Christian H. Tobler

Sword, Crown, and Grail
by Sir Christian H. Tobler

An Altar Consecration
by Lady Maureen Chalmers

Elemental Guards
by Lady Catriona Hughes

The Carcosan Mythos...Revisited
by Sir John Coates

The Deliberate Warrior
by Lady Catriona Hughes


Welcome to News of the Realm, the journal of the Order of Selohaar. The News is updated as articles arrive, rather than being published as individual issues. In the future, look to see regular columns on magick, fighting, armouring and other topics relating to the eclectic chivalric life of the Order of Selohaar.

lthough the weather was cold and bitter, it was the exact opposite inside the manor for this first gather of 2017. A gather that finds all of us inside is the perfect time for Sir Christian to present a revised version of his seminar "The Three and the Four", a survey of numerical symbolism in the Middle Ages. With the newest members and guests of the Order interested, and the eldest members wanting a refresher, it was well received...