he Order of Selohaar is an initiatory order of chivalry dedicated to the preservation of honor, nobility, arcane wisdom, and martial excellence in an age where such traditions and values have generally been forgotten. Our order was founded in 1979 by Sirs Christian H. Tobler and Carl L. Johnson to provide a creative environment and a climate of mutual assistance for those who appreciate such ideals, beyond the constraints of the usual outlets for anachronistic or mystical study and activity.

he Order is a synthesis of aspects of medieval chivalry and various mystic and philosophical tenets. We are ever in search of those willing to walk the path of esoteric chivalry to join our noble fellowship. Selohaar activities include martial instruction and competition, organized magickal rites, the attendance of appropriate festivals and gatherings, and the exchange of friendship and ideas among a community of like-minded individuals. The Order is headquartered in Connecticut and includes membership from several states. Gatherings are held eight times a year and include tournaments, ritual magic, seminars, courtly ceremony, feasting and bardic circles.

urs is a small and selective organization and our crusade a serious one: to bring courageous nobility, gallantry, magick, and grandeur into the lives of our members and those who are touched in some way by our order. Few find a place with us those who do know that they have at last found their calling.



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